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PET Color Masterbatch >  PET TiO2 White Masterbatch 7123

Resin: virgin primer PET,
Density:1210 kg/cubic meter (23 Celsius)
CIELAB: △E=0.4
Colorfastness: 5 Class, TiO2 content:55%
Heating Resistant>300 0C
Suggested Ratio: 1.2%-3.5%, it depends on products’ requirement.
Moisture Content: 0.3% max
(Above technical is information only for reference. There may be some tolerance because of the difference between environment, measuring instruments, accuracy.)

Appearance: granule with same size and color
Other: no toxic ingredients, good disperse, without color spot

25kg in a waterproof bag, which can keep the product well in the long time in original bags. It should be reclosed after opening.

PET Color Masterbatch
PET TiO2 White Masterbatch 7123
PET Color Masterbatch
PET TiO2 White Masterbatch 7121

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