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PP Granule Series >  PP White Masterbatch 7115

Carrier: virgin PP resin
TiO2 content: 60%
Density: 1.28kg/cubic meter (at 23 Celsius)
Color: TiO2 White
CIELAB: △E=0.5
Melting Point: 130-140 Celsius
Moisture Content: 0.5% max

(Above technical information is only for reference. There may be some tolerance because of the difference between environment, measuring instruments, accuracy.)

Appearance: granule with same size and color, good pearlescent
Safety: no toxic ingredients
Usage: be used for coloring PP bottles, sheets, tarpaulins, covers, packages mainly.

25kg in a waterproof and double-lined bag

PP Granule Series
PP White Masterbatch 7114
PP Granule Series
PP White Masterbatch 7115

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